So when is it best to start something? When we’re ready, when all the participants are ready, when it’s the correct time of the year or the weather is good, when we’ve “got our act together”? All of the above? Most of the time we’ve just got to “go for it”. We’d love to have everything “ready” but it seldom is. Having taken a lightweight but active part in two baby deliveries, my wife and I well remember that, “but wait, we’re not ready”. Still, when it’s time, it’s time. Or better put when it was “her” time or “his” time, it was time!

Our season is starting and it looks like a very exciting year. And actually a lot of leadership, volunteers and staff are working hard to be in place and “ready”. Then again, we’re not “perfectly” ready and I wonder about that. I think it might really be a good thing. Isn’t that the way the Holy Spirit happens? The surprise participant or volunteer or newer idea then has chance to walk in, email or phone. God has a way of turning things a bit here or there to empower a group effort in ways we had not thought of. It doesn’t get “perfect” this way but it often gets “real” and inspiring. The new Teen Program 2-year cycle is beginning, the Church School, Special Mission season, Adult Forums and Church First events, our Postulant, Jane, is available, our Eucharist Visitors program is taking another step. It’s a wonder-filled mix of the prepared and open-ended, just begun and well-seasoned; Ripe for the Holy Spirit. Dave

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Thanks so much in advance to all our volunteers and friends committed to making Christ Church place for nourishment and formation for the journey. We are into another academic season for the last half of Pentecost! See our Google Calendar for upcoming exciting Teen, Church School and Outreach events through the fall.    

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