Musings…. Easter

Up until recently I served on the Board of the Bishop’s Fund for Children which raises funds for organizations in the state that work with at-­‐risk children. As the donation pool became smaller in the early 2000’s we decided we would have to focus. One way was to give grants to smaller organizations that foster “resilience” in children and teens. Resilience was just becoming a key word in conversations and research exploring how certain young people survive and sometimes flourish even when their lives are surrounded by chaos and violence, and how others do not. I just ran into this word again the other day in terms of leadership in non-­‐profits and again in terms of how Boston is responding to this record-­‐setting winter. It could be applied also to our sense of parenting or volunteering or working in care-­‐giving today. Life knocks you down. Life defeats our plans and programs. Life can call your self-­‐understanding into question. Resilience is getting back up and often means finding resources, friends and family to do it. It may be another way we participate in the Resurrection. He is Risen indeed. Dave

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He is Risen!

He is Risen!

You may very well be reading this after Easter. For many of us in the northeast part of Connecticut this winter reminds us of 1996. We can’t remember when the snow has stayed on as late as this in such a permanent way. We will still have snow in many places for Easter though it […]

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