Rector’s Musings….


A few times a week I’m able to listen to podcasts
of Krista Tippett interviews (her show is called On
Being). I have heard several from the early spring
recently. She had guests such as Desmond Tutu and
Brian MacLaren, both theologians from quite different
backgrounds. The first an Anglican Archbishop,
retired, the second an Evangelical Pastor working
with the “emerging church movement”. More
recently I tuned into David Isay talking about the
power of listening. Isay began the now well known
project “StoryCorps” which can be heard on NPR
stations around the country. StoryCorps was started
out of Isay’s desire to provide a place for everyday
folks to tell their stories. What has emerged as Isay
has traveled around the country doing these stories
(and he now has other recording “teams” helping out)
is that StoryCorps has often become a place to tell
stories that no one, even closest family members,
have heard. There have been stories of World War II
and the Korean Conflict, opportunities for
reconciliation and forgiveness with family members
present, a place to express profound loss and
unresolved challenges and difficulties. When Tippett
asked him about his work and how it is done. He said
he has found that providing what I would call a
“psychological” even “holy” place by active listening
using just a few questions has encouraged deep
His work is such an important reminder to me
which I just pass along of this “power of listening”
which is akin to meditation and often helps with
healing, others and sometimes equally importantly,
ourselves. So often we hear what we want or expect
to hear (sometimes with a very negative slant) and
need to have that aired and corrected, if possible.
The correction is often an open-door to healing.
Other times as in the summer when we can be out
doors enjoying New England we can listen to more
than just our own thoughts or even our neighbors, we
can listen to the world itself. It also has a lot to say.
It needs healing as well…. Fr. Dave


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