Adult Choir

Adult Choir meets on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. for rehearsal to sing at the 10:15 service. The Adult Choir also sings on Christmas Eve for which they have extra rehearsals. There are about 18 members in the choir. We have an extensive choristers library. The Choir Director is Jim Dehls and our organist is Dennis Patton. All parts are welcome!

Church Band: Nine6teen

Publicity9.16Founded around the many talents of Donna Bessette on keyboards and Andre Bessette on drums the Christ Church band has grown in ability and in following, writing a number of their own songs and playing renditions of others. While their main focus is contemporary Christian music to be performed at services at Christ Church they have also learned a number of secular pieces that express spiritual themes in other ways. Nines6teen can be contacted through the Christ Church office. The band also “plays out” on occasion locally as well as somewhat further away. HERE is a link to our YouTube Channel (Christ Church) which includes several gopro videos of the band.