About our Teen Program: Journey to Adulthood

The Teen Program at Christ Church is Journey to Adulthood which was developed at St. Phillip`s Church in Raleigh, N.C. and marketed by Leader Resources. It is for middle school to high school age youth and combines elements of traditional a youth group together with spiritual education, a great strength in the program. We began our program in the fall of 2003 with two of the three components in the program.


This is the first component of our Teen Program made especially for our Middle School young people. There is a set 2 year curriculum that helps them build skills in group problem solving, relationships, leadership, discussion and working as a team. Most of the time our kids come from a variety of local schools both public and private but find ways to work together. This program meets primarily on Sunday mornings with special weekend outings that feed into the curriculum. Social time is engrafted into program time.

Journey to Adulthood

This is the middle component of our Teen Program (and bears the same name as the overall title). It runs for two years and usually includes the first two years of High School or even the last of Middle School into Hight School depending on the group. This group works on many of the issues of being a teen with regular program-oriented events like traveling to one of the big local cities (Boston or NYC) for a two day discovery time (with a special itinerary). A highlight of the J2A class is the J2A Pilgrimage which happens during the second year of the program…. the last went out in August, 2015, to San Francisco for an extraordinary visit to one of America’s fascinating cities. Previous pilgrimages were to Charleston, S. C. (2013), Colorado Springs, Colorado (2011), Toronto, Canada (2009), the Grand Tetons (2007) and South Dakota (2005). The next group is going out the summer of 2017, to Vancouver. The Pilgrimage is not a sight-seeing trip but a journey to a “new and different” place to discover God. The group works together with parents and parishioners to prepare for the next trip. Usually young people who wish to go on the trip must be part of the group for at least the year before departure to share in the work & the team building that makes it worthwhile.


Confirmation preparation is now included in the J2A component of our Teen Program and focused in the YAC program. The adult class for confirmation tends to begin in January or February every year as needed.

Young Adults in Church This is the final piece of the Teen Program and in some ways is the most challenging as the young people are in their final years of High School and often very involved in extra-curricular activities. These “graduates” of the Rite-13 and J2A programs have often been “traveling together” for a while now. They meet on occasional Sundays for discussion. Service is a primary component of their work together… in the church, taking adult roles, in the community, preparing for independence. This part of the program can last 2 or 3 years depending on how young they were in previous components.

In sum…

There are three parts to the Teen Program: Rite-13, J2A and YAC (each sections is a minimum of two years with the same leaders). Our part-time Teen Program Coordinator, Dee Dee Markes, provides essential back-up resources in terms of helping with organization and fund-raising. She can be contacted through the home page email address. The adults who volunteer in the program put in quite a bit of time, committing themselves for at least two years. Background checks and Safe Church Training are required of these individuals. We have been blessed with wonderful leaders over the years.