Guest Musings…. Lent



The wide black wings

Of the crow returning

To the tall hickory being rocked

By the winter wind caught my eye

In this land of the Arctic vortex.

There have been four or five nor’easters

Here, with thunder snow

And a couple of them classified as blizzards

With more to come again this weekend

And the subzero temps

To go on for another week after that…

Tonight another unfurling

Of the flurries that band together

Burying villages and hopes

In the frigid air forcing

Us inward to come to terms

With who we are and how we got here

And what is the way forward

As we enter the Lenten season.

Spring sounds like a dream,

An impossible phantom of hope,

And yet the crows have returned.

Have they more faith than we

Who have experienced the knowledge

That snow and cold kills?

But there is something stirring

Deep inside of us…

It’s not a hope so much

As something alive within us

That is Life itself.

There is a knowledge,

I think, that we have long forgotten.

It comes on dark wings

But full of joy

As the world becomes new again

In the power of our Almighty GOD,

The power of the LIVING GOD.

– Merrill Ann Gonzales 2-16-15 The last few days of Epiphany (posted with permission from the author)


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