I know we work very hard, all of us, to provide risk-free environments for our children, for staff, for contractors, for parents. Over the years we’ve made many changes to our plant to be “safer”, for instance putting glass see-through windows in most interior doors and getting to repairs as soon as possible. This also means aspiring to safety emotionally as well as physically. The Diocese mandates Safe Church training for employees and anyone who accompanies children off-site. They are also asking for our Church School and Nursery volunteers to do Safe Church. Something we will return to in the fall as our programs start up again. The Safe Church training is excellent and while it entails a Saturday commitment the information and workshop elements include material for every age group, even our seniors. But there are always ways in which risk remains, when we take our young people off-site, to Heifer in Massachusetts or just up the street to Seely-Brown Village or on the Pilgrimage. In fact a certain amount of risk is part of the “adventure” of discovery, part of growing up, part of “being out in the world” encountering God, and God encountering us. A certain calculated risk is involved in being this country, being a democratic republic, having freedom to travel, inviting new people to our shores…. Dave


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