I reprint the following in honor of one of our “every day saints”, the Rev. Dr. Paul H. Elmen, who composed it at another difficult time:


Dona Nobis Pacem

A Christmas Prayer, 1991

O Babe of Heaven, cradled once in hay,

O Wisdom beyond thought, O Mystery,

Forgive our wonderment, our questioning,

We clutch inanity beneath enchanted skies.

Have mercy on us.


O Stranger, Lord of all our wildly spinning globe,

O Maid’s Son, our abiding loveliness,

Jesu, joy of humankind’s desiring,

Look down with pity on our earthbound plight.

Have mercy on us.


O Lamb of God, Who died and yet who lives,

O Stillness in the tumult of the skies,

Teacher who spoke to us of faring forth,

Give us, time tossed, grace still to speak of Thee.

Grant us thy peace.


                                Merry Christmas — Dave


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