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Intriguingly this can be a better time to look out over the next year than in January. We have to do the “official” event of the Annual Meeting but now at the start of the academic year is a good time to outline a few things we’ll be working on.

We’ll be doing 5 Church First Sundays this academic year: Oct., Nov., Feb, May and June. Two of these are “built in” to our schedule: in November we do an all family Advent Wreaths and “Buzzards” workshop and then in June we’re all together for Youth Sunday. The other 3 Sundays will be for Adults to do some “pilgrimage” in keeping with our theme and in concert with sending out our J2Aers next August to San Francisco!

Another opportunity for conversation and exploration, in this case for the women of the parish, is a visit from Sybil MacBeth to Christ Church to do a Workshop here on November 1st: Praying in Color. (See her book of the same name) More on that later.

Liturgically, I’ll continue to ask us all to stand for more parts of the 10:15 Eucharist, during the Prayers of the People and for the entire Eucharist Prayer. The Rite II service at that time-slot is designed for standing at these points because standing is more “communal” than kneeling. The Rite II service is designed to be “communal” and participatory (We kneel at these same points in the 8 a.m. service). I thank you all for your support, in advance!

We continue to have transitions in volunteer and staff areas: Church School, Teen Program, Treasurer, Visions and Ventures, etc. These always present opportunities and openings. We hope that you will see your chance to play a role in the ministry of Christ at Christ Church as we launch into our new academic year!

Fr. D



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  1. Interested Party November 2, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    Very Poignant. I love the interplay of science and religion. I may think about coming to this Church in the near future.

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