As we quickly move into our new academic year I know I speak for all of us as we congratulate the Rev. Jane Hale in her new position as “Priest-in-Charge” at Trinity Church in Brooklyn, Ct. She is now a Deacon but will be moving on to the priesthood soon (a transitional Deacon cannot be ordained a priest within 6 months of her/his ordination to the Diaconate). Jane and I stay in touch about “collaborative” efforts especially in regards to the Women’s Group so we have high hopes for some kind of continuation. More on that soon. Many of us are now aware of this process of becoming ordained in the Church from Jane’s story. A number of you served on her Discernment Committee. The Vestry had to vote more than once in support of her moving ahead. It’s taken several years. It’s not simply being “trained”. It’s much more. It’s what we call “formation”, allowing God through the church, through the seminary, through friends and family, closer in, to help “form” her interests, her direction, her being. It’s about growing as a person not just as a clergy-person. This is a kind of model for all of us. We are all in “formation”, engaged in becoming “God’s People”. We are all called to re-flection, re-consideration, re-thinking, so we might respond appropriately and not merely react. –Dave


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