Perhaps it amazes you as it amazes me how there can be “upsides” to the “down”. When we had to leave our worship space for what looked like at least a month (and turned out to be 5 Sundays) I have to admit it was a daunting prospect: creating an altar, creating an ambience for worship, moving books and hymnals and all the altar items used every week. Then there was Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. We had to rent chairs for the big services. We had to rearrange the space during the week because of the other groups using the Great Hall like AA and Concert Choir. On the other side, it was a little easier because it was March break so there was no 9:15 service for almost all that time. And more importantly we had this opportunity to worship “in the round”, to see one another across the center of the hall, to encourage each other in celebration. We had a chance to have a “closer” communion in some ways. It was also a reminder to me in how we come to church not just for ourselves but for our neighbors, our fellow-members. We give “church” away to each other. Thank you for your gifts all month.-Dave


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